第九条@ W&J

第九条 is federal civil rights legislation that protects people from discrimination based on sex in education programs. 第九条包括对不当性行为的保护,包括:

  • 性侵犯
  • 性骚扰
  • 约会与家庭暴力
  • 跟踪,
  • 性剥削

W&J不能容忍任何形式的性暴力或关系暴力. W&J的预防和应对方法包括三个关键要素:

  • Preventing sexual and relationship violence and stalking through education and action
  • 为幸存者提供支持
  • 迅速调查事件,公正裁决

你可以了解更多关于W&的政策和程序 大学反性别歧视政策, 性骚扰, 性侵犯和其他形式的性暴力, 约会暴力, 家庭暴力和跟踪 文档.


W中的任何成员&J community who believes they have witnessed or experienced sexual misconduct is urged to promptly report the matter to 第九条协调员, 第九条调查人员, 教职员:教员或职员中的任何一员, 或者使用在线表格.

匿名报告除了向工作人员报告外,华盛顿 & 网赌正规实体在线平台 uses an online reporting system that allows users to make reports anonymously 使用此网上表格. It is important to note that while the institution will evaluate all reports of sexual assault and sexual harassment, the institution’s ability to investigate and respond to allegations may be limited depending on the information provided in the report. Individuals are encouraged to review the institution’s policy for investigating reports of sexual violence for more information about procedures and resources. Only 第九条协调员 and the Vice President and Dean of 学生生活 have access to those reports. Information gathered in the online system will be used to begin the resolution process, 这可能涉及正式调查.

提出投诉:  写报告和正式投诉是不一样的. 正式投诉将导致调查. 结果将是对事实的发现. 当投诉被提交时, the complainant (person making the complaint) is requesting that the investigative process is invoked and that sanction, 视情况而定, 被分配.


W&J有道德, moral and legal responsibilities to follow up on all disclosures of sexual and relationship violence. 违反事件的报告是要求调查和协助. 任何社区成员都可以报告他们的担忧, 但某些员工必须举报违反第九条政策的行为. 义务记者不能对提供给他们的信息保密, 即使幸存者要求他们这么做. 义务记者包括:

  • 全体教职员工
  • 副总统和总统
  • 监事
  • 学生生活员工,学生员工除外
  • 宿舍助理和LINK导师


收到报告后, 第九条协调员 will begin an intake process that involves gathering basic information and providing interim remedial measures to the survivor. 学院将努力为幸存者提供合理的补救和住宿, 同时尊重各方的权利. 只要有可能,重担不会落在幸存者身上.

报告是保密的, 不保密的, 有关该报告的信息只在一个非常有限的第九条团队之间共享. 一旦做了报告, the College’s ability to protect the survivor’s confidentiality is limited by its obligations to take action to prevent further harm to the individual and community. The College will take steps to mitigate and remediate harm even when an anonymous report is made, 但根据现有信息,其反应将是有限的.


机密资源: You can ask a confidential resource not to share any information with anyone else without your permission unless they fear you will harm yourself or someone else is in danger. 校内保密资源包括:

  • 学生健康和咨询中心(新宿舍楼一楼):724-223-6107
  • 学生健康服务(新宿舍楼一楼):724-223-6047
  • 员工援助计划: 877-240-6863

您可以在不进行报告的情况下获得某些类型的帮助. A counselor (学生健康 and Counseling Services) can give you more information regarding the following:

  • 在校内外的宣传和咨询
  • 医疗保健
  • 在医院急诊室收集法医证据
  • 法院的限制令
  • 有关法律选择的信息

我是义不容辞的记者. How should I respond when someone shares that they or someone they know has experienced sexual misconduct?

The first response a survivor receives can have a long-lasting positive or negative impact on their well-being. 作为披露的接收者, 你的角色是让幸存者确信他们向你倾诉是正确的, 给他们提供可以帮助他们的资源, 履行你的法律报告义务. You don’t have to provide advocacy and ongoing emotional support, or find out what “really” happened.


  • 响应s that convey skepticism or disbelief, as these are the most damaging to survivors
  • 问一些不必要的问题
  • 告诉幸存者他们“必须”做些什么
  • 承诺接下来会发生什么


  • 提醒必须申报的事项: 作为一名义务记者, 你不能对你得到的信息保密, 即使幸存者要求你这么做. 当你怀疑有人要透露, 轻轻地打断他们,提醒他们你是一个义务记者. Offer them confidential resources and let them know that you are willing to listen if they wish to continue.
  • 检查安全: Ask the person if they are safe now; if not, 打电话给学校 & 公共安全:724-223-6032. Ask if they need medical assistance; if so, refer them to 学生健康 and Counseling. 如果是非工作时间,请联系校园 & 请公共安全部门协助前往医院. 揭露性暴力或关系暴力可能会令人尴尬和恐惧. There is no need to ask for more details than the person initially gives you about the incident. 虽然你不能保证接下来会发生什么, you can tell the person that you appreciate their trust and given them the resources that can be helpful to them.
  • 参考: 当你结束谈话时, 询问他们是否想和辅导员或校园里的人谈谈 & 公共安全. 从资源列表中给他们适当的电话号码. 取决于他们的反应, you can offer to call the counseling center for them to make an appointment or walk them over.
  • 报告: 如果幸存者有危险, 或者你认为犯罪者可能对其他人有危险, 打电话给学校 & 尽快保证公共安全. An obligatory report can be made by phone or by email (email is preferable) to 第九条协调员 (or designee), 负责学生生活的副主席 & 学生主任或到校园 & 公共安全.



校园 & 公共安全 can arrange for an escort to accompany you to and from class and other activities.


如果您与攻击者共享一个类, the VP of 学生生活 and Dean of Students and 第九条协调员 may be able to help one of you switch sections or courses. 你也可以讨论退课. 你的顾问可以帮助你获得额外的辅导和其他学术支持, and the Dean of Students office or 学生健康 and Counseling can send a message to your faculty to alert them that you may be experiencing difficulty. (你将负责询问补课事宜). 你可能有资格在一门或多门课程中不完成学业. 你也可以选择病假.


Contact the 学生健康和咨询中心 for information and services available to you.


Residence Life can help your secure temporary emergency housing and can work with you on more permanent housing options, 如果需要的话.


禁止接触令(由学生生活或校园发出) & 公共安全) prohibits the perpetrator from contacting you in a specific way if they are a W&社区成员.


Any college faculty, staff member or Resident Assistant can help you report an on campus assault. 如果你想报警的话, 进行法医检查, 或者访问其他资源, 第九条协调员, a第九条副协调员, a member of the Administrator on Call Team and/or 负责学生生活的副主席 & 教务处可以帮助你.


学生生活副主席 & Dean of Students and/or 第九条协调员 can work with campus employers to minimize the possibility that you and perpetrator with interact.


根据34 CFR第106部分.45(b)(10) of the 2020 第九条 Regulations that mandates the public sharing of materials used to train school and college 第九条 team members, 华盛顿 & 杰弗逊学院使用以下供应商: